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“Just wanted to say thank you for the professional and thorough job done. I was surprised by how quickly the trees disappeared. You replaced the fence for the weekend, so my dogs wouldn’t run away and came back to finish the grinding as soon as you could. I really appreciate your work.”

- Regan S


Storm Damage

Storm Damage in Ottawa

If a storm has wreaked havoc on your property, Campbell Tree Experts Inc. is here for you with 24-hour storm damage recovery services in the Ottawa area. With over 30 years of experience, we are tree removal and storm recovery experts that will handle your job in a safe manner, reducing the risk of further damage to your property.


Storm-damaged trees are dangerous due to their weight and should only be trimmed or removed by professionals. Over the years, we’ve seen storms cause limbs and complete trees to fall and land into other trees, houses, cars and other structures.

Hydro Considerations

If hydro lines are affected, immediately contact Hydro One at 1-800-434- 1235 or Hydro Ottawa at 613-738-0188. Dial 911 if necessary. Provide details regarding the line damage. A certified arborist will do a site visit to assess the damage and produce a plan of action. Always stay clear of downed power lines or equipment and never assume they are safe to go near.

We Advise Customers To:

  • Properly protect and preserve your trees to maintain their value

  • Take pictures of your trees and other landscaping plants while they are healthy and vigorous. These pictures will make great before-and-after comparisons and may expedite the insurance claims process

  • Check your insurance policy. It’s wise to know the limits of an allowable claim for a tree or shrub. This will vary between insurance providers

  • Most insurance companies will only cover the cost of removing the tree or part of the tree that is on a structure with no clean-up included.

Insurance Considerations

Before a disaster strikes, there are steps you can take to prevent financial loss if your trees are damaged or destroyed. Campbell Tree Experts Inc. understands that nature’s growing gifts are not only an important part of your landscape but also a valuable investment. Call us now for more information.


Dealing with After-storm Damage

Extreme weather conditions such as snowfall and storms can damage your trees. Let us do the clean-up work after the storm.

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