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Call the Ottawa Tree Specialists at Campbell Tree Experts

Campbell Tree Experts has been the Ottawa tree specialist since 1992. We service Cumberland to Crystal Beach (East to West) as well from the Ottawa River to Barrhaven/Manotick (North to South). Call our certified arborists today for professional evaluation and care of your trees!

The Ottawa Citizen recently reported that adding 10 trees per city block makes the residents of that neighbourhood healthier, the benefits being equivalent to raising each household’s income by $10,000. The presence of healthy, mature trees lining the streets not only reduces air and noise pollution, but also reduces stress levels and the metabolic indicators of stress among residents. The ISA certified arborists and tree workers at Campbell Tree Experts know the positive effects of trees on our community – that’s why we’re proud to be your Ottawa tree specialists.

We offer complete tree services throughout the national capital and surrounding areas. From tree removals and emergency storm service to managing infestations and pruning, cabling and bracing, we offer comprehensive services to maintain the safety of your property and the health of your trees. Our trained and certified staff is fully equipped to handle your most challenging tree care needs.

If you’re concerned about the trees on your Ottawa property, our certified arborists can offer you a risk assessment, taking into consideration factors such as the health of the tree, possible tree diseases or pest infestations and proximity to Hydro lines and structures on your property. We will then do our utmost to ensure that you enjoy the lush beauty of the trees in your landscape to the fullest and to preserve Ottawa’s urban forest.

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