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Campbell Tree Experts Inc.

Our job is to ensure the healthy growth of your trees. We are also available 24/7 for emergency storm damage. 
Google Review

“Just wanted to say thank you for the professional and thorough job done. I was surprised by how quickly the trees disappeared. You replaced the fence for the weekend, so my dogs wouldn’t run away and came back to finish the grinding as soon as you could. I really appreciate your work.”

- Regan S

Professional Tree Services in Ottawa 

Campbell Tree Experts Inc. offers complete tree services throughout Ottawa and surrounding areas. You can count on us from tree removals and 24-hour emergency storm recovery service to managing infestations and pruning, cabling and bracing. We offer a list of services to maintain the safety of your property and the health of your trees.




Safeguard your property, and let us take care of the tree. We are the best source for tree services in the Ottawa region. We carry out tree services for trees of any size and dimensions.


Our Crane Service

Get rid of unwanted or diseased trees in a safe manner.

Removing Hazardous Trees

We can reduce the risk of injuring people or damaging property.

Clean Up Your Property

Our professionals can help eliminate unsightly stumps on your property.

Maintaining Your Trees

Let our professionals prune your trees properly to keep them healthy.

Tips for Hiring an ISA Certified Arborist

  • Ask if they are certified through ISA Certified program and have security clearance certificates.

  • Ask if they have liability insurance and workers' compensation coverage for all employees.

  • Ask if they have completed 1st aid, CPR and WHMIS training.

  • Aerial rescue and emergency response.

  • Certification for equipment being used for jobs: cranes, aerial devices, etc.

  • Ask to provide a list of references.

  • Avoid companies knocking door to door.

  • Avoid hiring companies that subcontract your work to smaller companies with inadequate insurance coverages. These types of companies are often more expensive because they are simply adding a finder’s fee of 20% – 40%. If a major accident happens, you could be surprised by the outcome.

  • Avoid companies that top trees (this practice has been proven to decline trees now for over 20 years yet is still a problem today).

  • Ensure all wood-related material is diverted from the landfill site and properly recycled.


Our Tree Services in Ottawa

There is no doubt that well-maintained trees enhance your curb’s appeal. At Campbell Tree Experts Inc., we have a team of certified arborists offering a wide range of professional tree services. Our tree services in Ottawa include:

  • Tree trimming and pruning
    Tree trimming and pruning are the most commonly used tree maintenance services. It helps remove dead branches and crowded limbs and is a preventive measure that affects the growth of your trees.

  • Crane service
    We provide effective and efficient crane services so that you can get rid of unwanted trees in your lawns and yards. You can count on Campbell Tree Experts Inc. for offering customized and engineered cranes operated by our certified crane operators.

  • Storm damage
    Storm damaged trees are dangerous and must be removed at the earliest. We offer 24-hour storm damage recovery services in Ottawa. Our experienced arborists provide efficient and safe services, avoiding further damage to your property.

  • Tree removal
    You can consider our tree removal services as we do not remove trees unless it is completely necessary. You can count on our experts to identify which tree should be removed for the well-being of you and your family.

  • Stump grinding
    After removing a dangerous or unwanted tree, its stump is still left above the ground. This tree stump attracts pests due to decaying. We help you maintain your property neat and clean through our stump grinding services.

  • Cabling and bracing
    Cabling and bracing are used to limit the unwanted movement of your tree branches or limbs. Defects like splits, cracks, decay, weak branch unions, among others, can be prevented using cabling and bracing. Let our certified arborist help you determine whether your trees are in need of cabling and bracing.

Proper Equipment to Handle All Kinds of Jobs

We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment for all our tree services in Ottawa. For us, serving you in the best possible way is our priority. Our equipment or machines are turf-friendly.


With 86’ crane trucks and 65’ bucket trucks, Campbell Tree Experts Inc. has the equipment and expertise to take on jobs of all sizes. We also feature 24” capacity whole tree chippers and stump grinders capable of entering gates as narrow as 32”. Campbell Tree Experts Inc. is Fully Insured and carries WSIB coverage for all employees.


Don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to help you!


Locally Owned and Operated Small Business

Born and raised in the Ottawa area, from the age of 17 years, owner Glen Campbell (ISA-Certified Arborist) has had a passion for the outdoors and nature. Gaining his experience with local tree company owners, he decided to open his own business in 1992 along with his wife Lynn Arbour-Campbell (ISA-Certified Arborist).


You can consider Campbell Tree Experts Inc. for commercial and residential tree services. Our arborists have the required knowledge and expertise for all your tree care needs.


Contact us for more information about our tree services in Ottawa.

Campbell tree owners

Glen Campbell & Lynn Arbour-Campbell,
ISA Certified Arborists

TRAQ Certified Assessors

Glen Campbell
ISA Certified Arborist®

TRAQ Certified Assessor


Lynn Arbour-Campbell
ISA Certified Arborist®
TRAQ Certified Assessor

Contact Us

If you’re concerned about the trees on your property, contact our certified arborists for a risk assessment. Tree trimming and removals can be hazardous. That’s why you should leave it to professionals. Get in touch with us by phone or email at We will do our best to preserve your tree and landscape.

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