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“Thank you very much for the amazing service! From the friendly people answering the phone, to the length of time until the appointment, to the fantastic job itself, to the reasonable price, we were completely blown away. Even our neighbors are impressed! Campbell’s is a top-notch company and we will definitely use your services again!”

– Kim and Scott D.

“Just wanted to say thank you for the professional and thorough job done. I was surprised by how quickly the trees disappeared. You replaced the fence for the weekend, so my dogs wouldn’t run away and came back to finish the grinding as soon as you could. I really appreciate your work.”

– Regan S

“We would like to thank you for your quick response in coming out to cut down our tree. Having the tree fall like it did on our neighbour’s tree was upsetting to say the least. So everyone, including our neighbour, was grateful to have it all taken away so quickly. Your work was professional, accurate and organized.”

– Susan H.

“I really appreciate the fast and courteous service and your expertise.”

– Sylvain L.

“Thank you for your services. We can see a big difference not only in how much nicer the tree looks, but in how much healthier it seems to be. We appreciate your efforts on our behalf.”

– Terri E.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services by Tree Surgeons in Ottawa

Keep the landscape in your house lush green with flourishing trees. The aesthetically appealing trees require proper pruning to maintain their shape. Regular tree trimming is also essential to keep your trees healthy. Campbell Tree Experts Inc. understands the importance of tree trimming and pruning for your landscape and offers specialized services by trained staff. Our skilled team includes ISA-CERTIFIED ARBORISTS, ISA-CERTIFIED TREE WORKERS, AND TRAQ TREE ASSESSORS.

Tree surgery is one of the most common tree maintenance procedures and should be left to professionals who understand how a tree responds to each cut. Improper tree trimming or pruning can permanently damage your tree and shorten its life. You can count on us! You will never have to worry about the health of our trees. Read some FAQs to get more information.

We provide comprehensive tree-removal solutions for residential and commercial properties in Ottawa. Our expert team is equipped to handle tree removal with precision and safety, ensuring your property remains secure and visually pleasing. Contact us to learn more about our services. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Why Should You Trim or Prune Your Tree?

Our arborists at Campbell Tree Experts Inc. make each cut after much thought and reasoning. We believe a single cut can change the growth and affect your tree’s health. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid tree trimming. It is as essential as adding fertilizers to the soil for effective plant growth. Here are the benefits of tree trimming:

  • Remove dead branches and allow the tree to grow: Regular trimming can help eliminate dead or diseased branches, promoting overall tree health. Removing these branches allows the tree to allocate resources more efficiently and encourage new, healthy growth.

  • Remove crowded or rubbing of tree limbs: Trimming is essential to reduce overcrowding among branches, preventing them from rubbing against each other. This helps avoid disease damage and allows for a more balanced tree structure.

  • Increase light and air penetration by crown trimming: Crown trimming enhances the tree’s appearance and improves light and air circulation. This is crucial for the tree’s vitality, as adequate sunlight and air promote photosynthesis and reduce the risk of fungal diseases.

  • Corrective or preventive measures: Tree trimming is both a corrective and preventive. It corrects issues like imbalanced growth or structural problems and prevents potential hazards by eliminating weak or hazardous branches before they pose a threat.

You must hire experienced and skilled arborists for tree trimming and pruning. Our expertise can help you in keeping your landscape beautiful and green. We have experience in maintaining residential and commercial trees by trimming them to ensure proper growth and health.

Tree Trimming and Pruning for Safety and Aesthetic Reasons

As your tree grows, it has less energy to close wounds and defend against decay or insect attacks. The ISA-CERTIFIED ARBORISTS, ISA-CERTIFIED TREE WORKERS, AND TRAQ TREE ASSESSORS at Campbell Tree Experts Inc. avoid pruning mature trees as much as possible. We trim the trees only when removing dead or potentially dangerous limbs is necessary.

Recognizing the importance of environmental health, we incorporate eco-friendly practices into our tree care services. 

With a complete understanding of proper pruning, trimming techniques, and tree biology, Campbell Tree Experts Inc. can maintain the health and structure of your residential and commercial trees in Ottawa while providing aesthetic enhancements.

The Importance of Trimming and Pruning Younger Trees by Tree Surgeons

It’s important to note that trees don’t heal as people do. After a tree is cut, it grows over the wound and thus contains it. The smaller the cut, the less damage you will do. With that in mind, having tree surgeons prune young trees where smaller cuts can be made is critical.


If you wait until the tree is fully mature, a larger cut may be needed, and your tree may have difficulty closing. 

How Much Should I Prune or Trim My Tree?

The experienced professionals at Campbell Tree Experts Inc. have trimmed and pruned trees in the Ottawa area for over 30 years and understand how to do the job correctly. The amount of live tissue you should remove from a tree depends on the following factors:

  • Size

  • Species

  • Age

  • Pruning objectives

  • Health of the tree: In addition to size, species, age, and pruning objectives, it’s crucial to consider the overall health of the tree. If a tree is diseased or has damaged limbs, a more extensive pruning may be necessary to promote its well-being.

  • Seasonal considerations: The timing of pruning can significantly impact a tree’s response. Some trees are best pruned during the dormant winter months, while others benefit from pruning in the active growing season. Consulting with Campbell Tree Experts Inc. arborists can help determine the most appropriate time for your specific tree.

  • Environmental factors: Local climate and environmental conditions play a role in determining the pruning needs of a tree. To ensure optimal tree health, wind exposure, soil quality, and moisture levels should be considered.

  • Structural integrity: Assessing the tree’s structural integrity is essential. Strategic pruning can enhance the tree’s overall structure if there are weak or poorly attached branches.

Pruning of Mature Trees

We cut, ensuring it will benefit your tree. It can be for enhancing growth or removing dead or potentially dangerous limbs. As your tree grows, it has less energy to close wounds and defend against decay or insect attacks. Therefore, you must hire an experienced arborist to protect your plant from any negative impacts of pruning.

Even removing a single, large limb can create a wound your tree may have trouble closing. One widely accepted rule is never to remove more than ¼ of your tree’s leaf-bearing crown. 

We carefully assess each tree’s specific needs, ensuring a tailored approach to pruning that fosters optimal growth and longevity. We aim to enhance the beauty and resilience of your trees.

Contact our experts to learn more about our tree-trimming services in Ottawa.

Essential to Good Structure

Trimming in young trees is essential to establish the primary structure of the scaffold branches. This will provide the necessary framework for your mature trees. When properly handled by professionals, your young tree will develop a sound structure that requires minimal corrective pruning in later years.

We will help your tree develop a strong trunk with sturdy, properly spaced branches. Our pruning techniques will remove structurally weak branches while maintaining your tree’s natural form. Our team will address any potential issues to promote long-term vitality and resilience.

Should I Use a Wound Dressing?

Campbell Tree Experts Inc. in Ottawa advises our customers to avoid wound dressings as research shows these applications do not accelerate wound closure, reduce decay, or protect against insects or disease. If you need a dressing for cosmetic reasons, we suggest using only a thin coating of non-toxic materials. It is crucial to allow natural healing, as exposing the wound to fresh air can facilitate recovery.

Tree Care Tips

One good tip to remember is that trees recover faster from several minor pruning wounds than from one large one. A common mistake many homeowners and other service providers make is removing too much foliage and improper cuts.

Performing major pruning during the dormant season can benefit many tree species. This practice helps minimize stress on the tree and encourages vigorous regrowth in the spring.

You want to maintain an even distribution of foliage along large limbs and within the lower portion of the crown. By over-thinning, you can negatively impact your tree’s sugar production capacity and thus create tip-heavy limbs that are subject to failure.

Contact us for more information about our tree-trimming services in Ottawa! We also offer tree removal and stump grinding services to clear up your property and remove damaged or dangerous trees.

Care for Your Trees with Expert Tree Surgeons

Ensure your trees are healthy by hiring us for tree trimming and pruning.