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Stump Grinding

Clean Up Your Property with Stump Grinding in Ottawa

Eliminate unsightly stumps on your property with fast and effective stump grinding in Ottawa from Campbell Tree Experts Inc. We have 2 grinders to accommodate your landscape. Both of our turf-friendly machines are compact enough to access areas through a 36” gate. Our smaller machine offers clearance through a 31” gate.

The safety-focused professionals at Campbell Tree Experts Inc. have made a living working with nature’s wonderful resources. We understand the beauty and benefits trees provide our environment and we do not recommend removals unless it’s completely necessary. We also understand that trees can be dangerous when damage or decay has occurred.

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At Campbell Tree Experts Inc. we also contact the proper Utility Companies to locate underground (Gas, Hydro, Bell, Cable and Water) to obtain Clearance Certificates in order to proceed with stump grinding procedures. By law it is the contractor’s responsibility to obtain clearance certificates when digging on your property. In some cases grinding depth will be determined by locate specifications, which we need to adhere to.

Grinding to Depths of 6” to 10” Below Ground

The experienced operators of Campbell Tree Experts Inc. will grind your stumps to a depth of 6” to 10” below ground level. Keep in mind this procedure causes light to severe lawn damage around the stump area.

We will leave the mulch created by the grinding on site for you to use on your property. Clean up of mulch will be considered at an extra cost. Please note that the replacement of turf is the customer’s responsibility.

Stump Grinding in Action

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